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Our architecture studio is led by Ivan and Bojana, partners with 25 years of experience on the European scene. Bojana finishes her Master's in light and design at the Sapienza University in Rome, Italy whereas Ivan did his Masters and Ph.D. at the Technical University Vienna, Austria where he starts his academic career at the Faculty of Architecture and design. In 2006 Bojana and Ivan are part of an international group of architects Group-A based in Skopje with members from Skopje. Vienna, Florence, and Milan. In 2010 Bojana and Ivan registered Smart Living LLC a company for architecture, lighting and fumiture which marks their independence. Establishing their own architectural practice, Bojana and Ivan during the course of the last 12 years, employ and manage 30 people in different sectors. Recently, the segment for architectural design becomes an independent company and rebrands into Superblock Studio.

Our practice is licensed under the Macedonian Chamber of Engineers and Architects. We work on projects ranging from small to large-scale. Primarily we focus on residential, commercial and also on interior architecture. Our clients range from different sectors: developers, construction, investors, IT, retail, hospitality, gastronomy, retail, and multi-functional spaces as well as specific projects such as galleries, museum spaces, and re-development of old industrial buildings. Our practice focuses also on lighting solutions and photometric planning.

In 2015, Ivan and his Austrian partner won the State Prize of Architecture presented by the President of Macedonia for a residential project which was published in A10 - one of the most renowned magazines for contemporary architecture in Europe.

Superblock Studio strives to implement sophisticated and contemporary project design and thinking methodologies into the tasks. Our strategy after the pandemic is mostly focused on the growth and strengthening of our human capital. With 25 active projects and hundreds in our portfolio, we plan on hiring as much as possible young and aspiring talents to be part of our Macedonia-based team. Our goal is to establish our studio as a leader in contemporary architecture in our country.

We are fluent in Albanian, German, English, Italian and Macedonian.

Professional advice and guidance
Master planning and community development
Programming and furnishings
Design from concept to structure
check out this project on YouTube
check out this project on YouTube
check out this project on YouTube